train journey to hyderabad

in our birth we met 3 people actually 4 one came later. 3 are boy i was uncle or senior person. 1 is turben person who is struggling with networking and two other who has just got selected in andhara bank to going to hyderabad for training. our train suppose to reach to hyderabad in 30 hours but it was 8 hour late so we reach on monday which suppose to be on sunday evening but anyhow. somehow the journey was not so nice not so bad as well. we use to do some stupid talks about technologies and specially about girls which every boy ready and like to talk about. this was our time pass think in the train


delhi on 5th of january

we reached to delhi on 5th of january around 6pm and the first thing which we found is collection of garbage what a fuck. but anyhow we manage to reach KASHMIRI GATE their we talk to our delhi person to whome we need to collect ticket. and think what he required to meet us but he told us to pick the train to reach us then we took matro at first time in our life that was also great experience.

we pick the matro at just matro station location just back of kashmiri gate delhi. we took the token and reach plat form number 1 without knowing where to go. he told us to reach firstly RAJIV CHOANK so we somehow mange to reach rajiv chk. firstly then we took  againn matro for dwaraka sector 21. and manage to reach kirti nagar. where we found that person name konak wadhwa. their he gave us ticket for hyderabad.

Our train was suppose to depart around 11pm so he suggest us to go rajiv chok. to enjoy some food and cafe but we thought to reach to hyderabad jucntion firstly because we were too late and it was night and we didn’t had the knowledge about delhi so we took the matro for again for pargati medan swe talk to one of our friend how leaved in delhi but we decided to take auto and to reach to nizamuddin railwaystation. so we took auto and manage to reach to railway station. their we spent around 4 hour while waiting for train in khes saving ourself from ice age city. so finally our train had came on time so we settle down in that in 3AC class seat number 1 and 2